The music-visual team "PanAngel8Arts" was established in 2007 by the painter, Angeliki Kourkoulou (Angel.Kourkoulou) and the composer, Panagiotis Berlis (BerlisPan). Depending on the project, the team is supported also by other artists, such as dancers, actors, poets, painters, musicians, photographers etc.

The "PanAngel8Arts music-visual team" presents in Greece and abroad the innovating "LivePaint2LiveMusic" which is based on the live painting in front of the audience. The painter gets inspired by the improvisational music which is live performed on the piano by the musician or by a music band.

"A paint-brush that magically fills up the canvas with colors and shapes. A piano that fills the air with melodies and harmonies. Art and Music raise our senses and travel us to a spectacular universe of music and art!"

Both, the artist and the composer, create art and music live on stage!
Two artists with their major routes in the artistic field meet today in order to join their knowledge and experience for creating a timeless artistic tomorrow!

An innovative and exciting matching of the two arts is presented in various parts of the world in concerts, festivals, theaters, music halls, charitable and humanitarian activities as well as in environmental and educational programs.

The aim of "PanAngel8Arts music-visual team" is an advanced level of civilization!

Angel.Kourkoulou, fine artist

Panagiotis Berlis, musician