Videos of the music-visual team PanAngel8Arts

2012_"DREAMS" LivePaint2LiveMusic @ Pertouli, Trikala, GR, 5/6/2012
2012_Angel.Kourkoulou is painting at SQUART, Volos,GR, 11/5/2012
2012_LivePaint2LiveMusic @ SQUART, Volos,GR, 11/5/2012
2012_LivePaint2LiveMusic @ De Chirico Art Center, Volos, GR, 22/2/2012
2012_Art exhibition "red thread in the air on the water on the earth" of the artist Angel.Kourkoulou @ DeChirico Art Center, Volos, GR, 2012
2012 _ Concert at the opening of the art exhibition "red thread in the air, on the water, on the earth" @ DeChirico Art Center, Volos, GR, 10 Feb 2012
2012_LivePaint2LiveMusic @ De Chirico Art Center, Volos, GR, 13/1/2012
2011_Music-visual fairytail @ Orphans' asylum, Volos, GR, 30/12/2011
2011_Music-visual fairytail @ Iolkos, Volos, GR, 28/12/2011
2011_The peaceful narration of a poppy @ Mitsi Laoudi's Dance School Show, Volos, 28/6/2011
2010 _ "SPRING of SENSES" LivePaint2LiveMusic at Suita art cafe - Trikala, Greece, 2 May 2010
2010 _ "Art and Music Live... on stage!" at Palea Electriki Theatre, Volos, Greece. Volos International Festival Music and Performing Arts 05/01/2010
2010 _ PanAngel8Arts & Dimitris Maragopoulos in an interview at TRT tv on 04/01/2010 about the PanAngel8Arts's LivePaint2LiveMusic, International Festival of Volos, 05/01/2010
2008 _ LivePaint2LiveMusic at "Aegli" - Zappeion, Athens, Greece, 09/11/2008